A performance
acceleration firm

We work closely with you to examine the habits that are holding you back, and develop integrated solutions that will dramatically improve you, your team and your organization’s performance. By upsetting the status quo, ClearWater Performance Group, Inc. challenges you to examine the intricacies of your team and propels you towards lasting change.

Our Mission

Improving the world one leader at a time. Our Values: Being Authentic, Acting with Integrity, Leading with Courage, Displaying Compassion


Bridging the “Knowing-Doing” gap.

Many leaders and their teams inherently “know” what they should do to make positive changes, but they often get stuck on “how” to make it happen. ClearWater Performance Group, Inc. focuses on the process of “how” – helping leaders bridge this gap and develop an accountability plan for executing critical steps toward better performance until return on investment is achieved.

Our Team

ClearWater Performance Group, Inc. is a boutique firm. Strategic partnerships allow our
reach to extend globally, connecting our clients to a network of highly qualified
individuals that can meet you and your organization’s needs.

Gayle Treichel Bunge

Founding Partner, ClearWater Performance Group, Inc.

Gayle likes to get things going. Her drive for results is contagious; her full-speed-ahead style and laser focus on individual, team and bottom line performance is evident in everything she does. Her clients always comment on her ability to develop engaging relationships quickly. Gayle brings over 25 years of business experience to her clients, including leading cross-function teams across a global enterprise. She works with senior corporate leaders in a variety of areas, including: improving organizational performance, strategic planning to goal attainment, individual leadership and team development, new leadership on-boarding, and succession planning. Her specialty is leveraging clients’ strengths, and helping align and engage leaders to execute strategy for specific results. Gayle is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) with more than 25 years of experience in a vast array of business sectors. In addition to ClearWater Performance Group, Gayle serves as a consultant for our strategic partners and is an Associate Partner for KRW International. Gayle resides in Hanover, NH, with her family.

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Founding Partner, ClearWater Performance Group, Inc.

Heather is referred to as ClearWater’s “Catalyst” because she infuses others with her boundless energy, positive attitude and candid approach, getting them genuinely excited about making changes for the better. Heather’s nearly 20 years of experience encompasses teams of all sizes in a variety of industries. A Certified Master Coach (CMC) and Leadership Development Facilitator, she strives to improve individual and organizational performance through successful leadership development. Heather is accomplished in working with senior level executives and teams in the corporate and non-profit sector in a variety of areas, including: executive leadership coaching, execution of business and sales strategy, creative problem solving facilitation, curriculum development to enhance workforce engagement and performance, improving recruitment practices, and overcoming team dysfunctions. In addition to ClearWater Performance Group, Heather serves as a consultant for our strategic partners and is an Associate Partner for KRW International. Heather resides in Tulsa, OK, with her family. 

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Sally Ming

Business Manager

Sally graduated with a degree in Economics from Colorado State, and went on to receive her Masters in Business from the University of Denver. Her career in finance spans over twenty years in a variety of industry sectors such as government, banking, consumer goods, hospitality and non-profit. Skilled in corporate accounting and auditing of government contracts, Sally oversees all the details of client and vendor contract fulfillment. When a calculator and pencil are not in her hand, you can find Sally volunteering at her local school, or shuttling her two daughters to and from all their events.