95-Day Accelerated Performance Program

Tired of not seeing real traction around your company’s long-term goals? ClearWater Performance Group, Inc. has developed an exclusive formula for mobilizing your workforce to achieve clear progress toward your organization’s biggest goals in an accelerated period of time…just 95 days.

Strategy Development

Program Design
Project scoping
Meetings and interviews with key stakeholders

95-Day Launch (day-long session)
“95-Day” facilitation of program launch
Prioritization of issues
Clarification and action plan development
Target account for key conversion planning

95-Day Push (3 month engagement)
Bridge the ‘knowing-doing’ gap
Progress report
Talent review
Strategy reset and refuel at 45-day mark

Team Development & Strategy Alignment

Scoping/Program Design
Data collection using the Execution Readiness Snapshot
Clarification of gaps
Goal agreement and commitment
Planning of launch session

95-Day Launch (day-long session)
Review gap analysis
Additional gap data overview
Agreement of goals and organizational rollout to drive success

95-Day Push (3 month engagement)
Individual weekly performance coaching
Additional development and support based on needs
45-day in market progress review

Post 95-Day Program
“Finish Strong”, for planning the next steps


Click here for a case study of our successful 95-Day Program model.